Maria feels like summer in the Mediterranean all year round.

The brainchild of chef and co-owner Christian Ryan, Maria was first conceptualised in 2020.

3 months in covid lockdown was a blessing in disguise, serving as Christian’s catalyst for dreaming up a new Mediterranean-inspired restaurant (“boredom breeds creativity”, they say).

Not only was the food and dining culture of that region always a personal favourite, but Christian also thought it was something under-represented in Hobart. The idea lingered in the back of his mind waiting for the right opportunity to arise; then in 2023, he and his business partner Will Priestly were presented with the perfect venue to finally bring the concept to life, and Maria was born.

Our food ethos at Maria is simple: to provide a premium Mediterranean-inspired dining experience, with a delectable menu celebrating the finest of local and Australian-sourced produce, and traditional Mediterranean flavours and cooking techniques.

Mediterranean-inspired Dining In Hobart

Our accompanying beverage menu offers a thoughtfully curated selection of imported wines from small producers in the Mediterranean, with some local wines of the same style to match.

Cocktails include house-made limoncello spritzes, and a selection of apéritifs & digestifs available by trolley service.

Chef's Menu

wallaby, macadamia hummus + sumac

curdy, olives, capers + almond

house baked focaccia

’23 Domaine Simha ‘Lotus’ Amphora Riesling, Derwent Valley, Tasmania

oysters + wild fennel pollen mignonette

crudo, campari, citrus +  chilli

maria’s garlic bread, fennel + honeycomb

’22 Gavalas ‘Wild Ferment’ Assyrtiko, Santorini, Greece

charred octopus, burnt lemon, taramasalata + mountain pepper

padron pepper, skordalia, jamon + manchego

’23 Anim Negra Bianco, Coal River Valley, Tas

lamb shoulder

potatoes + tzatziki

charred greens, nasturtium, anchovies + tarragon

’22 Scala Rosso, Calabria, Italy

greek yoghurt, honey + walnuts

lemon + kunzea filo cake, bay leaf, rhubarb

NV Karinka Brut, Arcadia, Greece

$120 per person
add $90 pp for beverage match

Your dining experience at MARIA is paramount and your dietary requirements are a primary concern to us delivering a memorable evening.

All mandatory dietary requirements must be disclosed upon booking, prior to your reservation. All dietaries not disclosed will be catered to the best of our ability, as not to offend or endanger your wellbeing. Substitutions are non negotiable.


Please note this is a sample menu.

Our menus whilst seasonal are also market specific to ensure we can offer the very best of Tasmanian produce. The MARIA team and our valued small producers thank you for your understanding.

Summer Escape

Christian began working as chef over two decades ago in one of Hobart’s busiest and longest-running kitchens, Da Angelo’s, before completing his apprenticeship at hatted Melbourne restaurant Taxi Dining Room. A move to London saw him working with the Gordon Ramsay Group in opening the prestigious Savoy Grill. On his return to Tasmania, Christian discovered a reinvigorated Hobart where the opening of world-class museum MONA had helped breathe new life into the city.

In 2015, along with Heiki Stanley and Will Priestley, he launched Aløft Restaurant on the top floor of Brooke Street Pier. 

Some 8 years later with experience as a business owner, and 21 years in the kitchen, Christian felt ready for a new challenge; he was the heart and driving force behind conceptualising, building and opening Maria in May 2024 on the floor directly below Aløft.